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Jacob Dahlgren






Jacob Dahlgren

The making of the banner and the walk to Salisbury Crags, N 17 October 2013. 

Commissioned by Collective Gallery with support from The National Lottery through
Creative Scotland.

Photo: Tom Nolan


Jacob Dahlgren studied at The College of Printmaking Arts between 1991 and 1994.

How did you get in touch with The College of Printmaking Arts?
During my high school years, I took a course in printmaking with Lennart Iverus at the Stockholm School of the Arts and I thought it was great fun, so it felt natural for me to apply to The College of Printmaking Arts.

What does your life look like today? What are you doing currently?
I am working as an artist. Currently I am focusing on painting, sculptures and installations but also printmaking.

What has your studies at The College of Printmaking Arts meant for you, in your private and professional life?
The College of Printmaking Arts was incredibly important to me, during my time there I met many teachers that have meant a lot, and the atmosphere of the school was very nice.

What was the best part of studying at The College of Printmaking Arts?
The opportunity to work with art in a supportive environment.

What is your view of the future of printmaking arts?
When I studied at Mejan (The Royal Institute of Art) printmaking and graphic techniques were the lamest possible thing to be doing, so you got to sneak in there to work. Now, the situation is completely different, and I think printmaking will be as important as other artistic media, if not even more important in the future.